I am Maria and I am living in Estonia....really beautiful and small country in the Eastern Europa. I have always been a creative person, I like art and other self made things. I really love to do things on my own. 

After I graduated my art studies I`ve been a freelancer. I had a little design shop and I have been making jewelry about 10 years now. Started with easy stuff...putting beads together. Then I experimented with clay and then I made wire wrapped berry earrings for many years. A year ago I turned back to polymer clay and since then I am really inspired by that material. It is so cool to feel that I have freedom to do anything with it. 

And my other love....drawing. I really like to draw funny animals. I want that my drawings brings smile on peoples faces...and trust me, they do!

I have two sons, 2 year and 7 years old. So I am trying to make balance with motherhood and work.  My creation-speed is rather slow right now but I am really enjoying to work at home.

So I hope my drawings and colorful jewelry makes You smile, that´s all that matters!